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Anano Cafe

I’ve been looking around at other blogs today and on wee wonderful‘s blog she had the cutest pictures of japanese crafts from Anano Cafe… I have to show them to you…

fuzzy wuzzy : )

fuzzy’s cousins

adorable doggy (from futuregirl.com)

This one makes me squeal with joy!!

ENJOY!  : )


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Long Craftless day…

Today has been long and craftless : ( I really wanted to make something today, but I just had too much work to get done. Don’t you just hate those days when you think it’s friday, but you really have one day left… ugh those really bum me out. I really want to start a clothing business sometime in the future; like a really cute boutique. I don’t know what I would call it, but it would be pretty and pink inside! Even though today was boring, I still managed to find some inspirational pictures, so enjoy : )

gotta love japanese books : )

and buttons…

buttons and birds is the theme today I guess…

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ps… one more thing

I love this dress! it’s from anthropologie and I adore it!

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hello world :)

This is my very first post 🙂 this blog is all about fashion, crafts, baking, and fun!

I adore this flirty dress…

flirty dress

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